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Food For Thought

A thought without intense emotion and feeling has no real power to engage our neural pathways effectively. It’s through the intensity of emotion and reliving the thoughts and feelings that makes an experience a well-remembered habit. Intense emotions trigger the ‘wiring and firing’ in the brain, resulting in a deeper neural connection. It’s this intensity… Read More →

Choose To Be Optimistic, It Feels Better

Optimists have a positive view of the future. Neuroscience and psychology tell us when we expect positive outcomes, we’re more likely to get them. Equally, when we expect adverse outcomes that’s also what we’re likely to get. An optimist believes they have the power to make a situation better. They tend to think that when… Read More →

How To Identify Your Personal Values

Values are personal. What’s of great importance to one person may be of no significance to another. My friend’s daughter is an early riser. She naturally wakes at 5.30 every morning and has done since childhood. She loves to sit in the kitchen in the mornings and watch the sunrise. That’s when she does her… Read More →


At my last hair appointment, a lady came into the salon with an extra-large suitcase and asked if she could use the toilet facilities, explaining that the lift was broken at the train station and she was unable to access the platform where the toilets were located. As she was unable to carry her heavy… Read More →


The famous quote ‘as within; so without,’ indicates that whatever chaos we see in the world around us is really only a reflection of the turmoil within us. Ancient spiritual practices, therefore, encourage us to look inwards and face our demons in the understanding that, only then, will we find peace in the world around… Read More →

Stress and the 90-Second Rule

According to neuroanatomist, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor ‘you can change the course of your reaction to stress in just 90-seconds.’  In a concept, termed as the ‘90-second rule’, Dr. Jill suggests that when we’re faced with any stressful experience in life, we should learn to observe the surrounding emotions for a full 90-seconds. She suggests… Read More →

Basking In The Moment

We’ve all experienced that wonderful feeling of elation when things are going well for us, or when we’re experiencing something truly amazing and we don’t want it to end. It’s a feel-good feeling that surrounds us and wraps us up in the present moment – precious and invincible. We can’t see it but we can… Read More →

The Healing Power of Validation

To validate another person is to understand and accept their internal experience and recognise their entitlement to their emotions and feelings, whether we agree with them or not. It doesn’t mean that we condone their reactions or their behaviour, merely that we acknowledge their feelings and emotions as being of importance to them. Everyone deserves… Read More →