Creative Reiki – Udemy course

Thanks to the chaotic times we are living in, it’s more important now than ever to look after our energy.

For those of us who are attuned to Reiki Symbols, we have instant access to higher frequencies of universal energy. Yet, for many, we either can’t remember how to draw or visualise the symbols; therefore, we omit them from our healings.

Research now shows that when we connect in with our heart centre, we bypass fear and logic (ego). When we work from a heart-centred place of pure intention, we can communicate with our Higher Self.

This course provides you with:

  • Fail-safe techniques for recalling your Reiki Symbols through your Higher Self, providing instant access to higher frequencies of universal energies.
  • A number of simple Reiki techniques to support you in maintaining a healthy, balanced aura and therefore, a healthy, balanced life.

Finding time for healings, especially in our ‘time-poor’, fast-paced lives, can prove to be difficult for many people. This course provides you with some simple, ‘quick-and-easy’ ways to incorporate Reiki healing into your day.

As healers and therapists, we’re always keen to support the healing needs of others. Simply holding a crystal programmed with the Reiki Symbols can bring about very deep healing. Reiki- programmed crystals are a fantastic way of ‘gifting’ Reiki healings to friends and families, thereby supporting them on their healing journeys. This course provides you with ways of combing Reiki energy with crystal energy.

For some sensitive souls, working in other people’s energies can be overwhelming, especially so in these chaotic times. It’s, therefore, of greater importance that we learn how to maintain healthy boundaries and how to protect our energy. This course provides insight and understanding of our energy exchanges, helping you define and respect your boundaries.

Who this course is for:

  • Reiki level 2, 3, Master, Teacher

What you’ll learn

  • By connecting with your Heart Center and working through your Higher Self, you will be able to access your Reiki Symbols with my Reiki Envelope Technique, charge water and programme crystals.
  • Protecting your energy with Reiki Symbols; you will also be able to create a protective ‘treatment’ space; heal negative emotions or feelings; and cleanse your Aura using my Auric sweep and lift techniques.
  • Combining Reiki energy with crystal energy properties and the Power of Intention, you will be able to bring about specific healings in the body, cut attachment cords and heal and harmonise chakras.
  • Using the Reiki Symbols, you will be able to differentiate between a Highly Sensitive Person or an Empath; protect you and your clients’ energies; heal the subconscious energy exchanges between you.