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How To Find Inner Solace

It helps if we can take our awareness inwards and go a little deeper within ourselves and connect with our ‘being’ within, our soul, our pure essence. When we live our lives from this place of inner being, we’re better equipped to deal with the emotional aspect of life and living. And, as a result, we get to experience the fullness of life.

5 Simple Tips to Beat Stress

Stress is finally been recognised for the serious problem that it is. For decades we’ve had awareness campaigns about illnesses such as cancer and diabetes, but it’s only in the last few years that stress has finally been acknowledged as a series health problem and a considerable contributor to major health conditions. Career demands, financial… Read More →

Simple Steps To Improve Your Self-Care

Over lunch with a group of friends recently, the conversation evolved naturally to our personal self-care needs. I must admit, I was saddened by the views put forward by the group, as, for most of them, self-care is perceived as a costly indulgence. There’s the belief that self-care is something that you seek externally, e.g.… Read More →

Dandelion Water

I spent the weekend walking in beautiful Cotswold countryside and besides the cowslips and wild primrose; the fields were ablaze with bright yellow dandelions. As I watched these thick, brilliant yellow heads peeping out through the long grass, I thought ‘How refreshing it would be to have a glass of dandelion water.’ I was first… Read More →

Go Hug A Tree

While we are still technically in winter, we can’t help but notice that spring is indeed in the air. I’m a keen gardener, and I love to watch my little garden come back to life. I can see lots of buds forming on plants and trees. It’s exciting to see bluebells and daffodils peeking through… Read More →