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Please note: Marian is now based in Dorset but still works regularly with her clients from Surrey and across the world via Zoom.

Marian offers a range of energy-based therapies, including Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques and her own Soul Therapy Infusion Techniques. Marian’s techniques are based on age-old teachings that incorporate advances in neuroscience to help clients clear their energy links with Mother Earth and rediscover their unlimited soul potential. These are very empowering techniques as they bring about remarkable shifts and transformations on a multi-dimensional level, leaving client’s free from the past and more capable of manifesting their soul’s purpose in the now. Due to the coronavirus, these therapies are available via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp.

Soul therapy – infusion techniques
Crystal therapy
Emotional freedom technique
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“Marian is a very skilled and sensitive guide. I could really sense through my physical body and thought processes that, as the treatment progressed, I began to feel lighter and a lot more focused – such was the depth of the cleansing and healing I received.”

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Whether you are a qualified therapist wanting to add to your treatment portfolio, or an individual who wants to improve their health and that of their family and friends, these courses provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques required to bring about profound healings on many levels. These courses empower you to change your life and enhance the lives of others.

These courses are fully accreditated and offer lifetime access.

Crystal therapy training
Reiki training
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“I believe that this is an innovative, simple, fast and easy healing technique that can heal mind, body and spirit. It should become very popular.”

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Did you know that spending 10 minutes, three times per day in a state of elevated emotion helps stimulate your body’s immune response? We all know that stress weakens the immune system, leaving us susceptible to illness and disease. It’s crucial, therefore, that we find ways of calming and nurturing ourselves so that the body can do what it’s naturally designed to do, that is self-regulate and self-heal.

This section aims to educate you on simple yet effective ways to support your healing.

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“Marian is warm and makes you feel very comfortable. Marian not only heals but can teach you how to do this for yourself, she loves to empower people to help themselves too…. If you are a looking for a teacher or you need help with something in your life, if you feel stuck, stressed, in pain or unwell – then Marian is the person to help you. I cannot recommend her enough.”