Author: Marian

Marian is a therapist with a human-centred approach to healing. She believes that people can rediscover their unlimited potential, and through meaningful connections, bring peace to even the most complex of lives. As a fully qualified holistic therapist, accredited trainer and author, Marian specialises in Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She is the only holistic therapist delivering Soul Therapy – Infusion Techniques.

A Fresh New Start

Spring is the first season of the year, where the world begins to open up after the long dark winter months of introspection. It brings with it new energy of hope and growth as more light returns to the earth, awakening all life on the planet. As humans, we are really affected by the seasons,… Read More →

Four Simple Steps To Recalibrating Your State of Being

We are sensory beings, and as such, we are continuously interacting with the world around us as our internal environment is constantly interpreting our external environment. Every feeling, every emotion, and thought changes us within, influencing how we react or respond to life’s events. Change Is Constant Not only are we constantly changing, but so… Read More →