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Creative Reiki

For some sensitive souls, working in other people’s energies can be overwhelming, especially so in these chaotic times. It’s, therefore, of greater importance that we learn how to maintain healthy boundaries and how to protect our energy. This course provides insight and understanding of our energy exchanges, helping you define and respect your boundaries.

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This was an extremely unique course! I truly enjoyed how the course was set up with experiments. Watching the experiment and having the explanations outlined was an excellent way to show how it works. Excellent course, Marian! Thank you so much for the new knowledge and experience!

Stepping into your light

This course takes you on a journey of self-mastery. This conscious and transformational soul work helps you bring spirit into matter. From this place of unity, you learn to heal your genetic, ancestral, karmic, soul group and past life links with Mother Earth. Doing so frees your soul from the binds of the past. You are then free to live peacefully in the power of the now.

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I love how energy, The conscience mind, the subconscious mind are explained and broken down. I have a better understanding for things I already knew but didn’t understand as deeply before.