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Closing Open Portals

Physicists are now considering the possibility of parallel universes. Known as the String Theory, it’s believed there may be numerous dimensions of reality. Cosmology, the science and understanding of the universe, recognises that there are seven cosmic planes. Esoteric cosmology perceives these planes as subtle states or levels of reality, with each plane housing entities… Read More →

Clearing Energy Blocks

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine, Eastern beliefs, and – more recently – science, all recognise that we have an interconnecting network of channels that carry energy throughout the body. This energy is referred to as Chi, Prana or Life Force Energy. When this energy is directed with conscious intent, it brings deeper meaning to… Read More →


Everything is energy, we can’t make or destroy energy, but we can alter its frequency. Our physical body exists and lives in the world of matter. But we also have a subtler aspect to us, woven within and throughout our physical body. This aspect moves and interacts on a level of pure energy, and we… Read More →

Balance and Harmony

According to ancient Chinese writings, everything in the cosmos is made of two forces that are opposing but complementary. When these energies are balanced we feel whole and complete. These two forces are known as yin/yang energies. Yin represents the feminine energy and the left-hand side of the body. Yang represents the masculine energy and… Read More →