Closing Open Portals

Physicists are now considering the possibility of parallel universes. Known as the String Theory, it’s believed there may be numerous dimensions of reality.

Cosmology, the science and understanding of the universe, recognises that there are seven cosmic planes. Esoteric cosmology perceives these planes as subtle states or levels of reality, with each plane housing entities or beings specific to that plane. The cosmic planes are identified as having higher and lower levels. The lower levels are denser in energy and represent relative existence, and consists of three sublevels, the Physical, Astral, and Mental levels. The higher level represents infinite divine reality and consists of four sublevels, the Buddhic, Spiritual, Divine and Logic planes. These then lead to the Monadic planes. 

Portals are openings or gateways that bridge these levels of existence — enabling inter-dimensional interaction and experience between the different planes of existence. 

Sometimes people open portals and don’t necessarily close them down afterwards, or close them down entirely. This can impact significantly on your energy as it leaves you exposed to outside influences and energies from other planes of existence.

Sometimes portals are opened inadvertently, and you may not realise it until you begin to feel the impact of the negative energy in your energy fields. You may not be aware you’re opening portals when you ‘trip’ on drugs, or are ‘out of your mind’ while drunk. While these trips can be exhilarating initially, but as you open up more and more to the negative energies, you soon feel drained of energy or depressed. The result is you seek the initial buzz more and more to feel better, but find the opposite happens as you spiral deeper and deeper into denser, darker levels of negative energy. 

For some, it’s far more technical to close an open portal than it is to open one. However, I’ve created an intention symbol that does that for you.

We know from science:

  • The brain believes everything it sees.
  • The subconscious mind does everything you tell it to do.
  • Symbols and metaphors are the languages of the subconscious mind.
  • Heart intelligence bypasses fear and logic.
  • There’s a field of intention that flows within and around the human body.
  • We have free will.
  • Frequency affects frequency.
  • Universal laws guide us.

Bearing the above in mind, we can easily access our higher intelligence and tap into our innate wisdom, then combining our will-power with the power of intention we can create the healing result we desire.


  • Imagine yourself stepping into your heart centre, into a pure stream of light within. 
  • From this place of pure light set the intention that you are accessing the field of pure intention.
  • Set the intention that you are working under the laws of cosmic light. This is now where you are utilising your ‘free will’ and, through the intelligent energy of your heart centre, which bypasses fear and logic, enabling you to connect with your creative right brain. 

  • Imagine yourself placing the beautiful healing symbol into any open portals within your energy field.
  • Set the intention, ‘Under the laws of cosmic light, of all that is and all that I AM, I reclaim my energy in light, and I surrender any energies that entered my energy to the light or return them to where they originated. I close this portal, and I cleanse, clear, heal, seal and remove this portal from my energy field. I do this for the greatest and highest good of all concerned, and I do so in the purest, healing love and light. So it is, it is done, so doth it be.’
  • Then allow the vibrational frequency of the symbol work with the energy frequency of the portal and allow your intention to manifest in light. 
  • Sense how this feels in your energy.
  • Sense how it feels to be more present in the present moment in time.

Drink water and ground yourself back in your present reality by physically connecting with Mother Nature. Merely touching a plant, holding a stone or crystal will help you do this.

According to astrology, 2020 provides us with a wonderful opportunity to help shift a lot of ancestral, past life and karmic energies, as we experience the Saturn and Pluto conjunction. It helps to remember that as these energies surface for healing release may still have links to open portals that were accessed at the time of the incident or event that’s now up for healing. Closing these portals will significantly assist in your healing.

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