Putting Our Pieces Back Together (Free Meditation)

In straightforward terms, we can be likened to a ‘jigsaw’ puzzle. In that, all the pieces of the puzzle are placed together to complete the overall picture. The same can be said for us, it’s the piecing together of all our aspects that makes us whole and complete.

Free Meditation – Putting The Pieces Back Together Again


As each piece of the puzzle is framed and held together by the outer edges, we’re similar in that our borders (boundaries) provide us with a safe, secure framework in life. These are our guidelines, rules or limits, allowing us to behave with dignity and integrity and still remain respectful of other people’s boundaries. These also help demonstrate to others how we will respond when someone breaches those limits.

Identify With Who We Are

Putting together only the jigsaw’s outer edge doesn’t help us identify what is actually being framed. It’s not until we put together all the pieces that we see the image and form emerging through the completed picture. The same can be said for us, it’s not until we put together all the pieces of ourselves that we can fully identify with who we truly are, only then we can fully embrace our wholeness.

Releasing Responsibility For Others

When we find we have an extra piece of our jigsaw, maybe a bit from someone else’s puzzle that somehow got caught up with our pieces, this becomes excess and will confuse the real image. It sits in our energy with no-place as such and becomes cumbersome. Sometimes we mistake it for a piece of our jigsaw, but then end up confused as to which piece is ours and which piece belongs to someone else. The same is true for us when we take on responsibility for someone else their energy sits in our energy, and we can become confused as to what’s ours and what’s theirs. Our energy becomes ‘influenced’ or ‘flavoured’ by this excess piece. It’s helpful to remove the extra bit and give it back to where it rightfully belongs, freeing us both up to be whole and complete once more.

Release And Reclaim Energies

When we mix up pieces of one jigsaw with pieces of another, we end up with problems, for both jigsaws become mixed up. The same is true of us, when we have intense energy exchanges with others, we end up enmeshed in each other’s energies. Even if the pieces that have been exchanged are similar in shape, and somehow we managed to ‘squeeze’ them into place, the image would be distorted. But once we release and reclaim and place the pieces in the correct puzzles, both jigsaws can be completed independently. 

Finding The Missing Piece

When one piece of the jigsaw is missing or lost, the picture is incomplete. The same can be said of us when we lose a part of ourselves or have lost ourselves along the way we too feel incomplete. However, when we find the missing piece, we can easily place it back into its ‘slot’, and the picture is complete once more. There’s a great sense of success and achievement in reinstating our wholeness and sense of completion.

Case Study

Many years ago, I worked with a little boy who didn’t like his new classroom assistant, so much so that he was reluctant to go to school and when he did, he spent his time distressed and crying. As far as his mum and the school were concerned, there hadn’t been any incident that would have warranted such a reaction.

I asked him if the new assistant reminded him of anyone. He immediately mentioned the name of his former childminder. His mum explained there had been issues with this person, and she had to remove her son from her care.

I showed two small jigsaws to the little boy and swapped over some pieces from one puzzle to another. Explaining to the boy that this is what happens when we mix our energy up with other people’s energies. We end up holding onto a piece of their energy, and they end up holding onto a part of ours. I demonstrated with the jigsaws that these are very easy to swap back.

When I asked the little boy to see if he had left any pieces of his jigsaw energy with his former childminder and if he was holding any of her pieces in his energy, he was quickly able to find what he described as lots of ‘big, scary pieces’. I then asked him to give her pieces back to her and take his pieces back. He liked doing this and said it felt good.

He happily returned to school with no further issues reported.


It’s worth taking time for self-reflection. Look at our relationships, friendships, jobs, past experiences and recall events and identify our missing pieces and any pieces we’ve picked up from others, then release and reclaim and put our pieces back together so that we may be whole and complete.

I hope you enjoy the accompanying meditation. Please feel free to comment in the comment section below and please feel free to share.

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  1. Thank you Marian, I had lot of my energy held back with the people I experienced turbulence.
    This story still refreshes me and bring more confidence in letting it go!

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