The famous quote ‘as within; so without,’ indicates that whatever chaos we see in the world around us is really only a reflection of the turmoil within us. Ancient spiritual practices, therefore, encourage us to look inwards and face our demons in the understanding that, only then, will we find peace in the world around us. Today, many people are embracing mindfulness as an approach to life and, as a result, they’re willing to become more aware of their feelings and thoughts rather than to bury or ignore them.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.‘ Carl Jung

We need self-reflection in order to become more self-aware because it’s through self-awareness that we can really grow. For a lot of people, ‘looking within’ means examining their thoughts and thinking, their beliefs and their attitudes. They then gauge their growth by measuring the change in their responses and reactions. And this is great progress. But what’s really important is that we go even deeper than our thoughts, right into the centre of our hearts. Only here will we find the true depths of our being.

When we venture into this deep, heartfelt aspect of ourselves, we move beyond the ego and find the stillness within. When we find this inner stillness, it’s then easier to self-reflect and become more open to ‘witnessing’ the darkness within. From this place within, it’s easier to have an open, honest and accurate perception of the self. This type of self-awareness leads to self-understanding. When we have this level of self-awareness, it helps us identify what fears hold us back, where our strengths are, and where there’s room for improvement.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.‘ Martin Luther King, Jr.

When we self-reflect through our heart centre, we bring pure love and light into our awareness, and we are more likely to be lovingly supportive of our own journey and growth. It’s through this level of self-focus that we grow and evolve on all levels of our existence.

The added bonus of working from the heart centre is that we learn to become more consciously aware, in other words, we’re aware of ‘being aware’: aware of our individual self and our own mental processing, aware of our sensations, free from the limitations of the mind and free from the ego. With this accomplished, we’re able to experience life with a deeper connection to the present moment.

Through a deep state of being, our sensory awareness provides us with a great source of wisdom. This is when self-reflection through the heart centre results in a loving, supportive, open, honest, accurate, trusting and deeply rewarding journey of self-discovery.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.’ Aristotle

It’s amazing how many of us discover that our ‘darkness’ is, in fact, negatively formed beliefs, patterns, and values that have been passed down to us through the generations. True self-reflection helps us to sort out the ‘chaff from the wheat’. It enables us to evolve into the person we truly are.

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