Spiritual Awakening

The universe is expanding, and so too is our consciousness, meaning we’re becoming more aware of life beyond the limitations of the mind and the human body. This is known as the great cosmic shift, and as the earth is part of the solar system, these shifts are impacting significantly on the planet. There’s no denying the catastrophic events happening globally as we seem to be moving from one natural disaster and humanitarian crisis to another. As humans, we emerge from the earth. Our humanness is part of the earth; therefore, any changes the earth goes through impacts us significantly.

Mass Awakening

While these cosmic shifts are dredging up old unresolved emotions, it’s worth noting that the highly charged energy acceleration is helping bring about a great mass awakening. Many are having sudden transformational epiphanies, where sudden intuitive grasps of reality lead to the realisation that we are more than our bodies; we are, in fact, spiritual beings. Carl Jung reminds us, ‘for true healing to happen, we must make the unconscious conscious’. This conscious awakening and inpouring of light, ‘out with the old and in with the new’, is causing many to have life-altering flashes of intuitive knowing, leading to very high levels of healing.

Our feelings are very important; they let us know how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. But sometimes, what we’re feeling are other people’s feelings, and we become locked into their emotions and beliefs. That’s when we take them to the mind and let them play out in whatever story our mind tells us. However, when we learn to acknowledge things on an energetic level, we find it easier to become the watcher within and let go of the past with greater ease. We are, after all, energy, as is everything around us. When we heal at an energy level, we get to heal at the core, and doing so means we can avoid getting caught up in the chaos around us.

If we want to heal the world, we should start with healing ourselves, and a great place to start would be to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world around us’.

Our thoughts and actions create the waves of energy that both inform and help form who we are and, in turn, creates our reality. What we give out to the cosmos, we get back. Yet, it all comes down to the energy vibration of our heart; the heart sets the tone for the rest of our body. If we’re open-hearted, we’re capable of love and great compassion for ourselves and others. But if we’re in fear, grief and trauma, then we tend to shut our heart down and sink deeper into the pit of despair. It’s through healing our wounds and dissolving our egos that we get to identify with our true, core, authentic selves.

Soul Expansion

Accessing this level of our being enables us to rise above the denser energies. Then we can maintain an open heart regardless of the chaos; that’s when the magic happens as our Spirit flows through, enabling us to trust in life and open our hearts in love. Doing so brings much-needed light into the world around us.

This cosmic shift is a crucial part of our soul’s expansion in light as it helps redirect and propel us into a new way of being – ‘being as opposed to doing. These shifts are unearthing and moving old, dense energies from the earth, and its ripple effects are dislodging lots of energies in the form of suppressed emotions in our bodies, bringing them to the surface for healing release. We have free will. We get to choose whether to react defensively through fear, creating more fear, grief and trauma. Or we can awaken to this shift in consciousness and expansion in light and respond with an open, loving heart knowing that our soul is on an evolutionary journey of light.

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  1. This has helped so much in navigating the chaos around us. Knowing and realising that you are responsible for how you are feeling and that you can change those emotions is so powerful and effective!

    Thank you Marian for this and for all your teachings and guidance xx

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