Endings And New Beginnings (Free Meditation)

New beginnings can only happen when we tie up loose ends. Today we have a New Moon and a Total Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are seen as a symbolic portal for rapid and explosive growth as they bring profound change, both internally and externally. New Moon’s and Solar Eclipses are associated with new beginnings, and this one is a biggie as it’s a Total Solar Eclipse. Therefore it’s more impactful, and as such, it will give us an extra boost of energy to help with our growth and transformation.

South Node eclipses (unlike North Node eclipses) are connected to clearance of karma.  “What goes around comes around”.’ Astro Butterfly Astrology

This eclipse happens to be a South Node Eclipse. Our south node reveals the unmet challenges and gifts we’ve carried from previous lifetimes. While it tends to be linked to our karma, where we reap what we’ve sown, it can also be linked to payouts, and as such we may experience our greatest achievements and recognitions at the time of a South Node Eclipse. They also show us where we’ve become locked into our comfort zones and as such highlights the qualities we need to move beyond. So, while this New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse represent new beginnings, the fact that it’s a South Node Eclipse means it’s also a time of letting go. Hence, this is an excellent time for endings and new beginnings.

Setting The Tone

The moon has long been associated with our subconscious desires and our emotional lives. Whatever emotional state we’re in at the time of the New Moon will set the tone for the month ahead. It’s worth pointing out that on December 21st we have the Winter Solstice and the Winter Solstice will carry forth our intention for the six months until the Summer Solstice. So whatever intention we set on December 14th this will flavour the energy that will be brought forward for the next six months. So, choose wisely!

Creating The Vibration

This meditation is a very powerful exercise to do as it helps us experience now what we want to create in the future. This allows us to resonate energetically with what it is we want to manifest in life. The Law of Attraction attracts back to us whatever it is we resonate with in the first place. Focusing intently on what we want to manifest helps bring it to the forefront of our conscious awareness. When something is in the front of our mind, it helps focus our intention and better direct our actions. It also helps us become more aware of and able to act on the inner guidance we receive and, the golden opportunities that may present themselves that help us manifest our desires into our realities.  


Endings And New Beginnings
  1. Take your awareness to your heart centre and imagine yourself stepping into your light within.
  2. Breathe this beautiful light into your lungs. Breathe in deep and slow. Say, breathe in for the count of six and out for the count of eight. Breathing in deep and slow will help take your awareness deeper within. 
  3. Allow your awareness to settle, and as you do notice yourself becoming the observer within. Allow yourself to watch as you breathe this beautiful light into your lungs, observe your breath as it flows, and with each breath sense as you become more and more peaceful within. 
  4. With each breath, sense this light filling your body with beautiful healing energy and sense it expanding out to fill your entire auric field.
  5. Set the intention that you’re opening up your heart so that you may serve your greatest and highest good. 
  6. From this inner heart centred and peaceful place of pure light direct your focus to your higher wiser self and ask the question ‘Where should I direct my energy for my greatest and highest good? Allow any thoughts, images, words, phrases etc., to come into your awareness. Just witness the response, simply allow it to come into your awareness in whatever form it presents in. Simply allow it the time and space to unfold naturally. 
  7. Allow yourself to gain an understanding of what is being presented to you through your higher awareness.
  8. Focus on this information as you bring it more and more into your awareness. 
  9. Bring your new intention alive by experiencing it on every level of your awareness. Sense it in as many ways as possible. Imagine it becoming part of your reality. Experience it through your senses, what does it look like, does it have a sound, is there a taste associated with it or a smell. What does it feel like to have this as part of your reality? What new experiences does it bring to your life? How will it enhance your life for the better? How does it change your life?
  10. When you feel clearer about your intention for the month ahead, identify a powerful affirmation, one that supports your new beginning. State your affirmations in the present tense and positive light.
  11. Breathe light and life into it and witness it taking form in your energy, sense as you begin to resonate more and more with the frequency of your intention.
  12. Then Breathe light into your intention and project this out to the cosmos as you State aloud your affirmation to the cosmos.
  13. When you’re ready to pose another question, From this inner and heart centred peaceful place of pure light ask your higher wiser self the question ‘What do I need to release in life for my greatest and highest good? Again, allow any thoughts, images, words, phrases etc. to come into your awareness. Remain neutral. Just witness the response, allow it to come into your awareness. Simply allow it the time and space to unfold peacefully and openly.              
  14. Take as long as you need in this space, open your heart to the wisdom of your higher wiser self and hold a heartfelt space for the responses you’ve just received.                 
  15. Breathe light into that which you need to release. Give thanks for the lesson and growth and surrender this to your higher wiser self in light setting the intention that you release this freely for your greatest and highest good and the greatest and highest good of all concerned.  
  16. Visualise the energy frequency of what you need to release falling away and being dissolved in light 
  17. Acknowledge as you release the old you can now make way for the new beginnings and new intentions. 
  18. Take your awareness once more to your new intention, breathe light into your intention and project this out to the cosmos as you repeat aloud your affirmation to the cosmos – sense the energy vibration this creates as it reverberates out through the cosmos and is reflected back to you – be open to receiving it and sense as you resonate with the energy of your intention, experience it at every level of your being and fully embrace the energy of the new beginning. 
  19. Give thanks to the cosmos, knowing that you’re supported and held in light.

Journal Your Experience

When you feel ready, open your eyes. And from this peaceful heart centred place, journal your experience. Write down in as much detail everything that came up for you, even if it doesn’t make sense. Note any fears or emotional responses but don’t feed into them. Most importantly of all, get a sense of the new vibration of your intention and sense how good it feels to resonate with this energy.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Repeated use of affirmations in a meditative state can help to reprogramme the mind. The more you focus on your intention, the more real it becomes. We really do need to allow ourselves the time to be the change we want to be, but, in the meantime, act like we have what it is that we’re affirming. It takes repetition to change our affirmation from being a statement to becoming an undeniable belief. There’s a well-known phrase ‘fake it till you make it’. But remember it takes repetition, repetition, repetition to build the new pattern.

Most importantly of all, enjoy the transformation – blissful.

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