Caring And Sharing

In these unusual times, it’s important that we support each other as we adjust to the changes required of us.

The body’s innate intelligence means the body self-regulates and self-heals. The body’s immune system is fantastic at defending us against disease. However, stress weakens the immune system, leaving us susceptible to illness and disease. It’s crucial, therefore, that we find ways of calming and nurturing ourselves so that the body can do what it’s naturally designed to do, that is self-regulate and self-heal.

Spending 10 minutes, three times per day in a state of elevated emotion helps stimulate the body’s immune response. With this in mind, I’ve decided to produce some free meditations that are on average 10 minutes long. These meditations are based on my Soul Therapy – Infusion Techniques, where you bypass ego and fear and work through the Higher Self. I intend to make a series of mp3’s over the coming weeks, all aimed at opening the bronchial tubes and expanding the lungs, encouraging the body to strengthen the immune system and self-heal. The first of these is available in the Auric Healing post below.

It’s believed that all manifestations of disease, whether physiological or psychological, are as a result of disruptions in the auric field and corresponding chakras. It’s crucial, therefore, that we have a robust auric field. I’ve decided to start this series of meditations with a meditation that helps repair and maintain the aura and balance and harmonise the chakras. Click on the link below and scroll down to the end of the article where you’ll find a link to the mp3.

Auric Healing (Free Meditation)

I’ll make these available for everyone to access via the blog posts on my website. I’ll send personal links to those who’ve been attending the monthly meditations, but please feel free to pass these on to others to show you ‘care and share’.

I’ve also provided a blog post on the super power of soap. This includes an interesting little video I came across on YouTube, this really does highlight the power of soap.

Super Soap To Wash The Bugs Away

For those attuned to Reiki symbols, you might find my Creative Reiki online course of interest.

Creative Reiki – Online Course (With Video Demonstrations)

For those of you who want to learn how to access your own healing potential within you might find my online course on energy healing suits your healing needs.

Stepping Into Your Light


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