Auric Healing (Free Meditation)

The aura is a field of electrical energy that surrounds every physical body. It acts as a sort of protective layer of energy between us and the rest of the world. When we feel secure, our aura feels strong. When we feel weak and vulnerable, our aura will reflect as weak and vulnerable.

A healthy and robust aura enables us to move through life with relative ease, our exchanges with others are more fluid, and we ‘bounce back’ from life’s knocks. An unhealthy aura leaves us exposed to the feelings of other people. With no boundaries to protect us, we end up feeling anxious and fearful. We don’t know where our energy ends, and another person begins.

There are seven layers to the auric field. These layers are made up of energy that emanates out from the chakras. Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy. While many chakras inform the body, seven major chakras are located in the body in line with the spinal column.

These chakras govern and influence the body’s glands, organs and systems, such as the endocrine glands and the nervous system.







All chakras are connected through channels of energy. These channels run throughout the body linking to chakras beneath the body, connecting in with Mother Earth, and linking to chakras above the body, connecting in with Source. There should be a constant flow of energy through the chakras, as new energy is introduced and old energy is released.

However, blockages in the chakras can prevent a smooth flow of energy. When illness manifests in a part of your body, you’ll find there’s a correlating energy imbalance or block in one or more of your chakras.

The energy of the chakras determines the energy of the auric field, and this is what we communicate to others. It’s essential, therefore, that we have a harmonious flow of energy through our chakras and out into our auric field.

In these current times of great change and challenge, it’s important that we maintain a clear flow of energy.

Download meditation HERE

This meditation helps you work through your heart centre, where you bypass fear and ego, linking through to your Higher Self. From this heart-centred place, your intention to heal is more powerful as you link to the field of pure intention within and around your body.

Please feel free to share this link, as we all need support in these times of great change.

8 thoughts on “Auric Healing (Free Meditation)

    1. That’s great, I’m pleased you enjoyed it. A healthy aura leads to a healthy body.

    1. That’s great to hear, Elaine. Ask Simon if there’s a particular issue he’d like help in addressing and I’ll tailor-make a meditation around that.

  1. He keeps getting emotionally upset and crying that’s what he says he would like help with

    1. Hi Elaine, I’ve just posted a meditation with Simon in mind. The intention is to help him unplug from the fear that’s going on in the world right now and tap in to a safe, secure and peaceful place within. I do hope you both benefit from it. Warmest wishes, Marian

  2. Thank you for putting this info together in one place, but most of all thank you for the beautiful, soothing and healing meditation. It was very much needed, and yet not until I was listening did I fully realize how much and where.

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