The Healing Power of Reiki

Have you ever experienced the power of healing? Would you like to be able to heal yourself or bring healing energy to others? If so, then Reiki may be just what you’re searching for, as the healing potential is within us all. It takes a simple attunement from your Reiki Teacher to unlock your healing potential within.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a complementary therapy. It’s based on the principle that a Reiki Practitioner channels universal life force energy into their client’s energy field and in so doing, they stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.

Ancient healers believed that we have five channels through which we absorb energy. These are:

  • The soles of the feet, where we absorb earth energy up through us to create who we are.
  • The hands, where we absorb our environment, influencing how we feel and think.
  • The crown of the head is where we absorb universal life force energy.

These combined energies inform who we are in life and influence how we live and experience all areas of life, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. But it’s believed that the universal life force energy flowing through us is what gives us life. This life force energy activates the natural healing processes of the body, thereby harmonising the systems and functions of our bodies.

If this life force energy is low or blocked in any way, then we are more likely to feel depleted and become prone to stress and illness or disease in the body. When this universal life force energy flows freely, we’re more likely to feel buoyant, healthy and happy in life as we ‘go with the flow’.

Origins of Reiki

The healing system of Reiki was developed in Japan by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. This system of healing was taught in the United States in the early 1900s, where it quickly spread and is now practised globally.

The Japanese word for Reiki translates as universal life force energy. The original form of Reiki is known as Usui Reiki, although there are numerous forms available today.

Learning Reiki

Reiki is an amazingly simple technique to learn. The Reiki Levels are as follows:

  1. At Reiki Level I, the student is attuned to Reiki and learns how to channel universal life force energy into their energy and direct it through their palm chakras. Students can practice Reiki on friends and family by placing their hand on specific body points and allowing the flow of Reiki energy.
  2. At Reiki Level II, the student is attuned and given access to three Reiki Symbols. These symbols enable the student unlock and access three different frequencies of universal life force energy. There’s also a Reiki Level II(a), where the student learns the practical skills of being a therapist and the legal requirements in line with current legislation.
  3. At Reiki Level III (Master Level), the Reiki Practitioner is attuned to and given additional Reiki Symbols, unlocking and accessing even higher frequencies of universal life force energy.
  4. At Reiki Teacher Level the Reiki Master is attuned to an additional Reiki Symbol that enables them attune others to Reiki.

To activate these higher frequencies, the student/practitioner draws out or visualises the Reiki Symbols they’ve been attuned to, and in so doing, they unlock and access the higher frequencies accessed by the symbols.

What is an attunement?

Reiki is more of a ‘transference’ rather than a ‘teaching’. The ability to practice Reiki is obtained through an ‘attunement’ given to the student by a Reiki Master, Teacher where they draw the Reiki Symbols into their student’s energy. It’s the attunement to Reiki that enables the student tap into an unlimited supply of ‘life force energy’.

Each time the individual works with the Reiki Symbols, they’re reactivating the healing they had at the time of their attunement to Reiki, further enhancing their channel to universal life force energy.

A Typical Session

Reiki should be given in a safe and calm environment. The recipient remains fully clothed throughout.

During a session, the Reiki Practitioner channels universal life force energy through their hands and into the recipient’s body. When the Reiki Practitioner uses the Reiki Symbols, this raises the frequency of the energies channelled into the client’s energy field. Reiki is often referred to as intelligent energy as it goes where the healing is needed.

The recipient may notice energy shift throughout their body. This usually is very pleasant and deeply relaxing as energy blocks are dispersed and released. This may be experienced as warm or tingly sensations in the body, or as twitches or spontaneous movements, as the energy blocks are released. A lot of people experience tummy rumblings, and this is perfectly natural as the toxins are released during treatment.

Some people report seeing images, colours or shapes during their session. This is likely to be the subconscious mind’s way of processing the shifts.

Complementary Therapy

Thanks to the recent research in the field of quantum physics and also neuroscience, science is beginning to recognise the healing benefits of Reiki. Research has shown that Reiki Practitioners emit electro-magnetic or bio-magnetic energies from their hands when giving a treatment. Medical researchers have identified these as being the optimum frequencies for stimulating healing in the body.

As a result of years of hard work and dedication by The Reiki Council and the stringent training guidelines and code of ethics put in place by the relevant governing bodies, Reiki finally achieved recognition and acceptance as a bona fide complementary therapy. In 2010 the Governmental White Paper recognised Reiki as an approved Complementary Therapy.

As a complementary therapy, Reiki supports orthodox medicine and does not replace traditional medication or treatments.

Finding The Right Teacher

It’s best to receive your Reiki attunements in person from a Reiki Master, Teacher. I offer Reiki workshops in the Woking, Surrey area. Or you’re likely to find a whole host of good Reiki teachers near you.

Developing Your Existing Reiki

We’re continually learning and growing. There are always new skills to learn and new techniques to adopt. I’m currently writing an accredited Creative Reiki online course. This course is due to be launched on the 16th of March on Udemy. It’s packed full of creative ways in which to use your Reiki to bring about healings for you and others. It’s aimed at Level II Reiki upwards, as the contents are based very much on the use of the Reiki symbols.

Please feel free to contact me for further details on the Creative Reiki course, or details on Reiki training.


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