New Moon Abundance Cheques

The moon is a potent force of energy and impacts significantly on our energies and nature as a whole.
The New Moon is a great time for renewal and reminds us of our need for constant shedding and release as part of our natural growth and transformation.

Reviewing or Setting New Intentions

At the time of the New Moon, the moon is invisible from Earth. This is a time where we’re drawn inwards in the form of self-reflection to consider what we’d like to attract into our lives or where we’d like to tap into the new possibilities and bring about our desired changes.

Sowing The Seeds

The energy of the New Moon helps fuel our intentions. We co-create our reality through our thoughts and actions. Therefore taking the time to write out our intentions helps us gain greater clarity in what it is we want to manifest in life, and it also helps us sow the seeds of our intentions.

Abundance Cheques

Abundance Cheques aren’t necessarily about money but are in fact about the energy of new possibilities and provide us with a way to recharge our potentials. When we use New Moon abundance checks as an abundance tool, we’re tapping into the New Moon energy. When we do this, it helps us manifest our desires much faster.

When we write our abundance cheque it’s important that we set the intention to vibrate to the energy of abundance in all areas of our life. I like to set the intention that what I ask for is within the Laws of Cosmic Light and for my greatest and highest good and the greatest and highest good of all concerned.

How and When to Write Your Cheque

There’s a 24-hour window of time after the New Moon in which we can complete our New Moon ritual and write our abundance cheque. This can be achieved in seven simple steps.

1. Head up your cheque, The Universal Bank of Abundance.
2. Write out your name in full.
3. In the amount section, write PAID IN FULL
4. In the £ section, write PAID IN FULL
5. Set the intention, for example, for Joy and Perfect Health
6. Signed, The Law of Abundance
7. Enter today’s date.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Consider yourself to be in receipt of what it is you wish for in life. Feel how good it is to have it. Develop an attitude of gratitude and express your thanks to the Universal Bank of Abundance for providing you with an abundance of everything you desire in life. Be open to receiving plenty in all areas of your life.
Enjoy xxx

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  1. Thanks Marian that’s a really nice way of using those energies, it’s always nice to have tools to use for manifesting in life. Xx

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