This One Word Will Change Your Life

There are three fundamental sounds in the universe ‘a’, ‘u’ and ‘m’. ‘Aum’ is the marriage of these three sounds and it’s considered to be one of the most powerful words in the universe. The three lyrical syllables of Aum help unite our mind, body and soul.

The whole of existence is vibration. Where there’s vibration there’s sound, where there’s sound there’s creation. Also known as the primordial sound, Aum is said to have originated at the birth of the cosmos.

When chanted, the Aum sound vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, which is the same vibrational frequency found throughout everything in nature. It connects and joins all things together.

Improved Health And Wellbeing

Chanting certain sounds causes vibrations in the body and, as such, sounds can be used intentionally for improved health and wellbeing. Every sound activates a specific dimension of your energy system. These three sounds, ‘a’, ‘u’ and ‘m’, when sounded together as Aum, activate the whole of your energy system. And, as we know from science, sound vibration changes the chemistry of your body.

The Vibrational Sound of Aum

Aum is tri-syllabic and is pronounced ‘aa-uu-eemm’. In Sanskrit, whenever the letter ‘a’ is followed by ‘u’, they merge into a long ‘o’ sound. Which is why, in the West, we’ve adapted the ‘Om’ sound, but Indian teaching states that ‘Aum’ in its tri-syllabic form is the correct form to use.

As you chant Aum, you’ll experience the vibration deep in your abdomen in an area known as the Nadis. This is where thousands of energy systems meet. It’s also known as the Maintenance Centre of the body and is concerned with your wellbeing. From here, the vibration is then carried throughout the body, altering your states of consciousness as it travels through each point.

The Four Chanting Stages Of Aum

The Yogis considered there to be four stages to the Aum chant. Three steps are listed below. The fourth is the pause between chants.

  • When you chant ‘AA’, this is done with an open mouth. As you chant, you will experience the vibration around your navel and abdominal area. This is related to the waking state of consciousness.
  • When you chant ‘UU’, this is done with your mouth half-closed. You will experience the vibration in and around your chest area. This is related to the dream state of consciousness.
  • When you chant ‘EEMM’, this is done with a softly closed mouth. You will experience the vibration in and around your throat. This is related to the deep sleep state of consciousness.
  • After you chant one ‘Aum’, pause. This pause is known as Turiya – infinite consciousness. It transcends the three common states of consciousness listed above. This is the blissful state.

Chanting Aum aloud is usually part of a longer, premeditated practice, while mentally chanting Aum can be fitted in at convenient times throughout your day, maybe while sitting on the tube or at the traffic lights in your car. .

Chanting AUM calms our mind and in return, calms our nervous system and, when chanted three times, it helps bridge the gap between past, present and future.

Chanting The Aum Mantra

  • Find a quiet place where you’ll be undisturbed. Switch off your phone and remove all distractions.
  • Relax your mind. You may wish to do some rhythmic breathing eg. breathe in for the count of four… then pause. Breathe out for the count of five… then, pause, repeating this rhythmic breathing for a few minutes.
  • Chant the Aum in the four sections described above – aa-uu-eemm, pause.
  • Sense the vibration in your abdomen, chest and throat as you chant the Aum.
  • Sense the stillness in the pause.
  • Chant as long as you feel like it.
  • When you’re finished, give yourself a few moments to bask in the bliss.
  • Then ground your energies. Drink water, touch the leaf of a plant or hold a stone or grounding crystal. All these will help you ground you.

I’d love to hear how you get on with this meditation. Please use the comments section below if you’d like to share your experiences or ask any questions.


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