Basking In The Moment

We’ve all experienced that wonderful feeling of elation when things are going well for us, or when we’re experiencing something truly amazing and we don’t want it to end. It’s a feel-good feeling that surrounds us and wraps us up in the present moment – precious and invincible. We can’t see it but we can feel it like a powerful force within and around us. We want moments like these to last forever, and we instinctively imprint them in our subconscious mind for posterity.

I remember, many years ago I attended a concert by John Rudder (an English composer and conductor) in the Royal Albert Hall. I was totally transfixed by the music, and I sensed my entire body responding. I felt a great sense of happiness as I sat among the energy vibration that the orchestra created – total bliss.

Equally, exhilarating was the energy of appreciation created in joining 5,500 people in rapturous applause when the orchestra had finished its last piece. It was one of the most electrifying and memorable moments of my life. I remember standing in the ‘attitude of gratitude’ and feeling a  sense of ‘huge success’ created by John Rutter and his orchestra, and this was the feeling that I anchored into my cells. Even though I was a mere spectator, energetically I felt as though I was part of the enormous success of the evening.

It’s hugely rewarding to bask in such moments of glory and absorb the feelings generated in our bodies then imprint them into our cells. The truth of the matter is we can, apparently we already do, entirely naturally.

Whatever we experience in life triggers our emotions, and influences the resulting behaviours and attitudes. If we’re imprinting positive, life-affirming experiences into our cells then we’re likely to evolve into a more courageous, confident and self-assured person with a healthy happy outlook on life. Unfortunately, the same too goes for the negative experiences, we’re also imprinting these on a cellular level. If we do that then we’re likely to evolve into fearful, anxious, vulnerable and insecure people, and with potentially disastrous consequences to both our mental health and our health in general.

Out With The Old And In With The New

We have something like 50 trillion cells in our body. All these cells are capable of doing whatever’s necessary to help us function fully in life. When these cells fail to perform adequately, that’s when disease kicks in. Dr Bruce Lipton, a developmental biochemist, says regarding his cell research: ‘The results of these experiments were very exciting because while every one of the cells was genetically identical, the fate of the cells was controlled by the environment in which the cells were placed.’

In his book, The Biology of Belief, Dr Lipton tells us that ‘the cell membrane can be compared to an information-processing computer chip, and the genes of the cell are likened to the hard drive with all the potentials.’ He also tells us that: ‘our cells, genes, and DNA are influenced by our environment and manipulated by our mind, teaching us that we can literally think our way to greater health.’

State Of Mind

The gift of happiness lies in our own state of mind, as it’s how we respond to events that determine happiness or unhappiness. When things are going our way, we feel happy. When things go wrong or are beyond our control, then our happy feelings disappear, so too does our ability to stay in the now. We find ourselves sucked into our fears of the past or projected into our worries of the future. As we know the subconscious mind is constantly playing out silently in the background reliving our experiences.

I believe we’ve been taught to not acknowledge how we’re feeling. We’ve been trained to think that being in touch with our feelings is very self-centred and should be discouraged. I also believe that humanity needs to become more self-centred and in a more self-aware mode of being. When we’re self-centred, we’re centred in our sense of self – not the ego-sense of ‘I’ but in the spiritual sense of ‘oneness’.

The exciting thing is that science tells us we’ve actually been controlling our genes, our biology and our lives all along. It’s something we do naturally, but we’ve been doing it from a vulnerable, fear-based place, resulting in generations of people with serious health issues. For some of us, there are decades, if not lifetimes of old negative programmes playing out on a cellular level and these get triggered every day by our environment and the people we engage with. We play these out in our relationships – both with ourselves and with others.

Change How You Feel And Think

There’s some good news – science also tells us that these imprints can easily be changed. The instant we see a negative pattern all we have to do is overwrite it with a positive pattern. It’s that simple. Or is it?

We know too from science that we’re sensory beings first and foremost. We feel first, then we think. Many of us have learned to block how we feel, then we can carry on playing out the same old programmes in the belief it’s not affecting us…, or so it seems. It’s short-lived. Blocked feelings inevitably become so intensified that they finally spill out, with total disregard for how we’re able to cope with them. The result is we feel even more vulnerable and less able to deal with our negative emotions. In order to cope, we then often put our happiness in the hands of others, depending on them to make us happy. When that fails, we blame them for our miserable state of affairs. Ideally, we need to stop looking to other people to make us happy and stop blaming them when we’re not.

So, if how we feel is relevant to how we think, and we’re trying to teach ourselves to think more positively, then it’s crucial we have lots of positive experiences to help underpin our newly positive attitude toward life and living. It’s also vital that we etch these positive feelings and emotions into the memory of our cells. The happier the memory, the happier the cells, resulting in a happier body and a happier you. Being mindful helps cement these positive feelings into our cells.

Mindfulness is simply being able to bring our attention to the present moment in time. It’s easier to do this if we’re focussing on something peaceful as it helps promote a positive state of mind. Mindfulness also helps people find that inner place of peace.

So when we bask in the glory of our successes or allow ourselves to feel fulfilled when achieving even the simplest of tasks, this is mindfulness. This simple act of connecting within and registering how we’re feeling is bringing our attention to the present moment in time. As a result, we’re enabling so much healing on a cellular level. But we must remember to bring the feeling into the now and experience it in the present moment. This is the greatest gift we can give ourselves in life.

Every second spent in bliss is registered on a cellular level. All we have to do is, simply set the intention that we’re overwriting any old programmes stored in our cell membrane and send signals to our cell genes to turn on happy healthy cells. Go on, give it a try. You’ll feel so much better if you do!

It helps if you can become mindful of your thoughts and feelings, as this is necessary if you want to find that sense of inner peace. My book, Cosmic Light Through The Higher Mind: Infusion Techniques, teaches you how to become the watcher within, enabling you to do just as science and psychology encourage you to do; which is to watch the process happening, feel it happening, watch the feelings going, and then embed the positive feeling into your cells, enabling you to remain safely in the power of the now – happy and at peace. Very empowering indeed!

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  1. Brilliant Marian, and so well written! It’s funny that this landed in my inbox today – I’ve been doing lots of reading and meditation recently and was just looking for the next thing to read and give me positive focus and exercises. Divine timing perhaps?! I’m really looking forward to working with you again soon. Thank you x

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