Billy’s Feeling Sad


Billy was feeling sad at school, and his teacher was a little worried about him. She decided to help Billy and taught him how to release his sad feelings. Billy’s now a happy boy and wants to share with you what his teacher taught him.



When you read this story to a child you’re introducing them to a very simple technique. This technique will equip them with the necessary tools to navigate their way through life emotionally free from negative experiences and any challenges life may offer. This way they’re able to remain ‘mindful and present’ in the now.

Through the story the child learns to:

  • Recognise that their feelings are real and important and that they can change how they think and feel.
  • Break the emotional loop by watching the process happening, feeling it happening, and then watching it go away.
  • Reorganise their thoughts, attitudes, and feelings.
  • Be mindful and focused on the present moment in time.
  • Tap into a peaceful state regardless of any chaos going on around them.

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