Announcement – Free eBook

I’m delighted to announce the release of my free e-Book, Be Guided By The Moon: How To Heal In Order To Manifest The Life You Desire. This book has come about as the result of numerous requests from clients and students who want to learn how best to navigate the stormy waters we’re experiencing during these times of immense change.

Shaken Beliefs

This pandemic is shaking us to the very core of our beliefs, on a global level. What we think and how we act impacts greatly on ourselves and others; no man is an island. How we respond to this pandemic will acutely influence our experiences and also affect future generations. We are defining new ‘norms’ during this time of crisis, and these will significantly impact the collective consciousness as we form new ideas, beliefs, and moral attitudes.

Every person on the planet is experiencing these times of great change in their own personal way. For some, it’s terrifying, while for others, it’s incredibly challenging. Some people block their feelings as a way of dealing with the overwhelm, oblivious to the chaos that’s playing out in their subconscious mind. Others find a temporary outlet through addictive behaviours, such as alcohol, drugs, online shopping, or gambling.  

Embracing Change

Change is the one constant in life. Therefore, it helps if we can learn how to embrace change and find ways of ‘going with the flow’. Doing so helps us find greater harmony in life and living. For centuries, humans have recognised that the moon’s cycles influence our lives and the world around us. I consider myself very blessed to have had local astrologer Sharon Galliford share with me her insights and teachings on the phases of the moon ( As a result, this book incorporates ancient wisdom with neuroscience research and helps give us a greater understanding of how we can adapt to change with greater ease.

Taking Back Control

These times of great change mean we get to re-write the script of our life. We get to choose the character we want to be, and we get to redirect our lives to a more authentic way of living. This book gives you practical steps towards achieving this.

It helps if we have a sense of purpose and a focus in life. When we have this, life takes on more meaning, and we feel motivated to achieve and succeed. We also feel more in control of how we think and respond to changes in our environment. This free e-book incorporates simple quick and easy techniques to help you be the change you want to be.  

This free eBook is available to all subscribers.

If you find this book helpful, then please recommend it to others – our world needs a lot more caring and sharing right now.

Warmest wishes,