My ‘I AM’ Wonderful Word Wheel

A strong foundation helps build a happy and healthy life. If we’ve been blessed with a secure upbringing and relatively healthy relationships with family and friends, then we’re likely to have a good, solid foundation. If, on the other hand, our childhood was chaotic or traumatic in any way it can leave us with a weakened foundation, and anything we build on it is likely to feel vulnerable and insecure.

I believe that this neglected, wounded, inner child of the past is the major source of human misery.’ John Bradshaw

Sometimes, in our attempt to survive chaos or trauma, we may hide or block our vulnerable side. We feel lost, and life feels empty. As a result, we may experience our wounded inner child as if something is missing from our lives. We seek others to fill the void within. When we do this, we deprive ourselves the freedom of fun and creative play that’s crucial to our self-development. Then, as adults, we’re unable to identify with this essential childlike part of us. Yet everything we need to heal is within ourselves. Our inner child is also the creative, curious, imaginative, intuitive, spontaneous and playful part of us. It’s hugely cathartic to locate that hidden aspect of ourselves and nurture and love this aspect so that we may underpin the very foundations on which we stand.

Creative Spark

In every real man, a child is hidden that wants to play.’ Fredrick Nietzsche

I’d like to think we’ve all got a playful and creative spark within us. Whether it’s deeply hidden and suppressed or whether it’s fully embraced and utilised will very much depend on our relationship with ourselves and in particular with our vulnerable and sensitive inner child. This childlike aspect finds it more comfortable to come out when we’re having fun or playing. Simple things such as painting, singing, playing the guitar or piano, dancing, or any creative activity helps make us feel childlike. In these carefree moments, we don’t care about the past or worry about the future; instead, we’re present in the magic of the moment.

Positive Word Association

Studies suggest that liking our name positively affects our self-esteem. It’s also predictive of well-being and happiness throughout the various ages and stages of life. This I AM Wonderful Word Wheel helps you create a happy, creative, playful and positive association to your name. Making it easier to connect in with your childlike self and anchor these positive associations into the very foundation of your being. Creating a happy, strong, healthy foundation on which to build and live your life.

I AM Wonderful Word Wheel

Suitable for ages 4 to 104.

  1. Spell out your name, writing out the letters in rows.
  2. Match and write out the letters of your name to the relevant wonderful words from the Wonderful Word Wheel.
  3. Then take your awareness to your heart centre and imagine yourself stepping into your light within.
  4. From this heartfelt space state aloud the word that matches the first letter of your name. For example, if your name starts with the letter’I’ then you may choose ‘I AM intelligent’. As you state your word aloud, imagine yourself downloading the energy of this word into your body, and sense as it fills every muscle and cell in your body, right down into your foundations beneath your feet.
  5. Then work through the remaining letters and words, downloading them one by one into your energy, as mentioned above.
  6. Then state aloud your entire name and sense the energy of these wonderful words and their energetic imprint as a pure symphony of energy, sense as this lights up your whole body and auric field.
  7. Every time you hear your name called get a sense of how wonderful it feels to be you as all your wonderful words vibrate to the energy of your name.

In this truly magical place, let your childlike self be free to bask in the moment.

Parents, Teachers and Caregivers

This is a wonderful exercise to do with children as it helps them learn new words and their meanings. It also helps them identify with positive traits within themselves. Children love singing and dancing, what a wonderful way to lock in their new wonderful word association into their body as they sing and dance to their name.

Please feel free to share this with others.