New Moon Wishes

The new moon symbolises new beginnings, it’s a time to start anew and refresh your dreams and desires. During a new moon, it’s good to take the time to reflect on your old goals and set yourself new ones.

Nourish Yourself Through Self-care

Ideally, we should consider self-care as an essential preventative measure rather than something we only resort to when we’re overwhelmed and desperate. A lot of psychologists believe it’s crucial to have a holistic approach to self-care. They suggest we put strategies in place that will enhance wellbeing and promote healthy functioning in all areas of our lives: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social. By taking steps to address our self-care needs, we’ll be more balanced and, as a result, better able to deal with life’s demands.

Declutter Your Physical Space and Cleanse the Energy

A large percentage of the items we collect are linked to a time in our lives that we have either outgrown or want to move on from. Without realising it, we may have become emotionally and energetically locked into those items. As a result, our energy is tied to the past rather than available in the present moment. When we let go our hold on these items, we release the associated energy. Besides calming the mind, decluttering has been found to stimulate creativity. Decluttering helps give you more space to think, to work, and to simply be.

Smudging is a wonderful way to cleanse the energy of a person, item or place.

Meditate on What You’re Grateful For

When we are grateful, we achieve an elevated emotional state, as we naturally open our hearts up to receiving. When practised regularly, we develop the ability to sustain these elevated emotions regardless of any chaos going on around us. When we can sustain elevated emotions, we build heart coherence – where our brain is in alignment with our heart. From this state of heart coherence, we access our hearts intelligence, and in so doing, we bypass fear and logic.

Set Your Intentions and Write Your New Moon Wishes 

Intention is not something you do, but something you’re a part of, it’s a field of energy within and around you, one you can access and utilise to co-create your life. Through intention, we can use the power of the mind to bring about positive shifts in our reality. If our thoughts are pure and strong, we can direct our lives along positive and clear paths.

Write out what you want, be specific. State aloud to the cosmos what it is you wish. 

Imagine the Feeling Of Your Wishes Being Fulfilled

As we embrace the emotion ahead of the environment, we are signalling the gene ahead of the environment.’ Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

The imagination knows no limits, it pervades our entire existence, influencing everything we do, think about and create. Imagine your wishes coming true. Sense it in every way imaginable. Feel what it’s like to have your wishes come true.


Surrender to the unknown and trust the cosmos will deliver for your highest good. We are sensory beings. Whatever we’re feeling we’re broadcasting out to the cosmos. The cosmos asks no questions, but through the power of synchronicity, the cosmos sends us back ‘like for like’.  

And finally, enjoy yourself!