Four Simple Phrases That Will Transform Your Life

There’s a wonderful ancient healing tradition called Ho’oponopono, that heals and transmutes on a very deep subconscious level. It originates in Hawaii and forms part of their ancient healing practices.

The principles behind this ancient practice are that, on a deep level, we’re responsible for everything and anything that shows up in our reality – even things we consider to be beyond our control. There’s the understanding that, on a subconscious level, we attract these things into our life. According to the ancient Hawaiian healing beliefs, errors of thought are the origins of problems, illness and disease in the world.

While this practice helps us understand that we’re attracting and creating our reality, it also shows that we can heal this energy too.

The word Ho’oponopono roughly translates as ‘to put to right, correct, revise, amend or rectify’. It comprises four phrases and each phrase has its own specific contribution to the overall meaning. I am sorry; please forgive me; thank you; I love you. These four phrases are said as a mantra, (ie repetition of the phrases) and is said as many times as you see fit.

There’s a great deal of healing power in these four phrases, and the mantra creates a frequency of energy when spoken aloud. It’s through this energy vibration that we set our intention to heal, and it’s this energy vibration that we send out to the cosmos – forming our reality.

Everything in life is about choices and consequences. We’re attracting, based on our thoughts, but do we always know what our subconscious mind is playing out in our energy? If there are certain situations in our lives that we want to change, then the only way to change them is by reprogramming our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the ‘attraction’ part of us, playing out our memories, memories of things that have been accumulating over many, many lifetimes. These are influenced by genetic, ancestral, karmic, soul group and past life experiences and events and these are all stored in our subconscious mind, influencing who we are today. We have 11 billion thoughts per minute; we’re not even aware of what we’re thinking.

Words are very powerful, but when directed from your heart centre, through your beautiful stream of light within, and charged with pure, focused intention to heal, then the Ho’oponopono becomes a very powerful healing tool.

The more you say this mantra, the deeper you are programming this healing into your subconscious mind. It then becomes what your subconscious mind plays over and over again in your energy – I am sorry; please forgive me; thank you; I love you.

Opportunities (or challenges) show us within ourselves, the energies that attract the events that are happening in our lives. We can become enmeshed in these energies and continue to repeat the cycles and patterns, adding to already intense energy. Or, we can let go, break the cycles and free ourselves, and our ancestors from the energies of the past. Ho’oponopono helps us to break the cycles and patterns within. And, by putting right the past and healing the associated energies, it stops our subconscious mind from recalling the same stories that first attracted these events, as that energy has been transmuted and no longer has the same trigger or charge, it used to have.

This mantra helps you with forgiveness, reconciliation and transformation, it helps you find peace within yourself, regardless of the chaos going on around you.

When you state the mantra, it means you’re giving permission to be held in this space and frequency of light.

I’m sorry:- for being unconscious; for being unaware; for any similar things I may have done; for my contribution towards this energy; for any wrongs.

Forgive me:- for holding onto the past; for blaming others; for projecting my experiences onto others; for whatever I have in my energy that has attracted this to me in the first place; for my ancestral, karmic, soul group, past life contribution.

Thank you:- this neutralises everything; it takes you back to zero; everything is now transmuted in light.

I love you:- This opens your heart at a higher level of vibration; your subconscious awareness is now focused on a much higher frequency of light.

This can be seen as a form of emotional, mental and spiritual clearing that can be compared to Buddhist techniques for clearing karma.

When this healing is directed into your personal healing, through your connections with Mother Earth, this healing is very powerful, deep and meaningful. That’s when forgiveness, reconciliation and transmutation can take place in your genetic, ancestral, karmic, soul group, past life links with Mother Earth – very empowering.