Magnificent Mandalas – Food For The Soul

The Mandala is a universal symbol meaning ‘circle’. The Hindu meaning for Mandala is ‘magical centre’. Spiritual in nature, and with its geometric design and placement of symbols, a mandala can help us access a higher state of consciousness. Through this higher state of consciousness, the Mandala acts as a key to help us unlock within the subconscious mind a deep understanding of our life and purpose in the cosmos and the greater scheme of things.

Mandalas also represent a connection between our inner world and our outer reality. They’re an excellent tool for helping restore balance and harmony between the ego and the inner self. Once this is achieved, it’s much easier to identify and hear ‘the still voice within’. When we follow the guidance of the still voice within, we can find our path in life and, when on the path, life becomes more peaceful, more fulfilling and more enjoyable. Through this non-egoic connection, we can manifest our reality in line with our true authentic self.

Benefits of Drawing and Colouring Mandalas

While all Mandalas represent wholeness and unity of the cosmos, each Mandala will have a unique meaning and relevance to you, as it reflects your connection between your inner self and the outer reality.

Drawing a mandala will help you to recognise the wholeness and unity of the cosmos, and help you to find your place within it on a subconscious level. Then you will be able to transcend your ego and identify with your true authentic self.

Drawing and colouring your Mandala is a very cathartic exercise. It’ll help centre your mind while nurturing your soul and give you greater clarity and insight. You’ll also find that meditation becomes easier, as your mind has something to focus on, enabling you to better access an inner place of peace. With practice, you’ll be able to access higher states of consciousness and – as such – transform an ordinary mind into an enlightened mind.

How to Draw A Mandala

Drawing your Mandala is a meditative process. It helps if you can treat your drawing as a form of soul therapy. It also helps if you can create your own ritual around mandala drawing. This will bring sacredness to the process and raise your energy frequency.

It’s useful to give your Mandala a purpose or focus of intention and it’s also good if you can set the intention that your Mandala is a reflection of your soul. This is a delightful way of raising your vibration When you’re drawing your Mandala, you’re reflecting – on paper – what your soul is feeling deep within. It may be that you wish to express your soul’s desire, your soul’s joy, or your soul’s expression of human consciousness. It may even be that your Mandala reflects your soul’s wound for healing.

  • You’ll need a pen and paper, and maybe coloured pens or paints.
  • Some people like to use a compass.
  • Find yourself a quiet place where you can draw your Mandala undisturbed.
  • Start with drawing a circle.
  • Start drawing petals off the circle. Try to draw all the petals the same size.
  • Add another row of outer petals.
  • Add as many outer rows of petals as you like.
  • Add little embellishments, dots, loops, spirals, lines etc.
  • If you wish, colour your Mandala using bright coloured pens or paint. Be as creative as you’d like, remember, your subconscious mind knows exactly what’s being reflected.
  • Sit in the energy of your Mandala and allow yourself to simply be.

I’d love to hear how you get on with creating your Mandala. Please use the comments section below if you’d like to share your experiences or ask any questions.