Auric Repair

Ancient spiritual teachings and science tells us that we have an energy field surrounding the human body. This is known as the Auric Field. The aura is composed of many layers, or subtle bodies of energy, intricately woven together. Like a luminous body, it surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. Dr. Barbara Brennan in her book, Healing Hands, recognises that we have seven layers to the auric field. She teaches that each layer of the aura is associated with a Chakra. Each layer of the energy field vibrates at different frequencies of light.

Our Subtle Bodies are integrated in such a way that we consider ourselves to be an independent being, comprised of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being – all operating through one physical body. Our Personality is composed of a monad, this relates to our source of awareness; our Causal Body relates to our field of awareness; our Mental Body relates to our intellect and creativity; our Emotional Body relates to our emotions and desires, and our Etheric Body is our life force energy. As we raise our energy vibrations through positive and healthy living, we raise our frequency and, in so doing, the focus of our consciousness rises higher and higher through these bodies.

It’s important that we maintain a healthy auric field, as its condition will determine our body’s health on so many levels. It’s become a common occurrence that the aura of the average person is severely weakened and depleted of energy. There are numerous ways the auric field develops weakness, such as overexposure to high volumes of stress, intense emotional experiences, toxins, prolonged exposure to radiation, to name but a few. When the aura has been exposed to such weaknesses, the auric field may become congested – its shape may become uneven; it may develop weak spots, cracks or holes; it may even have energy hooks or energy cords attached to it. When this happens to the aura, energy begins to leak away causing you to feel emotionally out of sorts, confused, disorientated, and lethargic.

Everything is energy, we can’t make or destroy energy, but we can alter its frequency. Our physical body exists and lives in the world of matter. But we also have a subtler aspect to us, woven within and throughout our physical body. This aspect moves and interacts on a level of pure energy, and we are likely to identify with this aspect as our Higher Self.

I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful Intention Symbol that forms part of a technique known as Infusion Techniques®. These techniques work with your higher self and help you access that higher wiser part of your being. From this place of higher frequency, your auric field responds to the higher frequency of light and naturally repairs itself.

Infusion Techniques – Intention Symbols

Many would say that symbols are gifts from the cosmos. Through them, we receive an understanding on a subconscious level that we’re incapable of receiving on a conscious level.

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist and psychoanalyst, tells us that symbols and metaphors are the languages of the subconscious mind. Dr. Wayne Dyer, in his book, The Power of Intention, tells us that intention is a field of energy that exists within and around us. The neuroscientist, Professor Antonio Domasio, in his book, The Feeling of What Happens, tells us ‘Stepping into your light is a wonderful metaphor for accessing your consciousness.’ As soon as we connect with this energy field our intentions take on new meaning, they become our reality.

The following symbol helps you access that energy field and, through the power of intention and symbolism, raises your frequency to a higher level and your aura responds to the higher frequencies by naturally repairing itself. When you, as energy, connect with the energy of the symbol, you raise your vibration, and as we know from science, frequency affects frequency.

‘I smile like a flower, not only with my lips but with my whole being.’



Auric Repair Intention Symbol

What is the Auric Repair Symbol?

The Auric Repair Symbol is a symbolic representation of a frequency of light that holds the intention to bring healing to the auric field. It also holds the intention that the aura will naturally repair itself through this higher frequency of light.

In the book, Man and His Symbols, Carl Jung encourages individuation, the process of developing a connection with ones’ own inner self. He also explains that the subconscious mind knows how to decipher symbols. When we over analyse them or try to work them out, they lose their magic.

Symbols help form a bridge between the conscious self and higher self. In so doing they help you gain an understanding – on a subconscious level – of the inner workings of life. These symbols promote deep healing by helping you access your purest, highest vibrational self.

How does the Auric Repair Symbol work for me?

When you connect with this symbol, you are placing your energy into a frequency of light that raises the frequency of your energy, and as it does so, it heals and repairs any weaknesses, rips, holes, and tears in the auric field. It also helps dissolve any hooks or cords attached to the auric field.

How does the Auric Repair Symbol work when I self-heal?

The Auric Repair Symbol keeps your auric field clear of any debris as you go through our healing. It also keeps the aura balanced and realigned throughout any energy shifts you may experience.

How would I benefit from using this symbol?

When you use this symbol in healing, it helps keep your aura strong, vibrant, light, and buoyant. This symbol helps hold the auric field in a protective and healing light.

What might I experience when using this symbol?

Personally, I always feel light, clean, and sparkly in my energy.

Some people tend to sense their energy feeling lighter. They often report that their energy feels buffered. They often feel better able to cope with their issue at hand. A number of people have described this as a light movement within their auric field, leaving their aura feeling lighter, clearer, and more whole and complete.

One woman I worked with said it felt like golden strands of light were repairing her aura on so many levels and depths. She sensed her aura tingle throughout. The experience left her feeling very energetically light, clearer in her head, more focused and upbeat.

How do I work with this symbol?

Simply set the intention that your auric field will respond to the higher frequencies and will naturally repair itself through the higher energies. Visualise yourself stepping into the energy of the symbol. Allow your energy to adapt to the higher frequency of light. Get a sense of the shifts and changes in your energy.

While connecting with the symbol state aloud your affirmation: I have a happy and healthy auric field.

Find your own natural rhythmic breathing. It may be that you breathe in for the count of four… then pause. Breathe out for the count of five… then, pause, repeating this rhythmic breathing for a few minutes.

Additional Symbols

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