Food For Thought

A thought without intense emotion and feeling has no real power to engage our neural pathways effectively. It’s through the intensity of emotion and reliving the thoughts and feelings that makes an experience a well-remembered habit. Intense emotions trigger the ‘wiring and firing’ in the brain, resulting in a deeper neural connection. It’s this intensity… Read More →

Letting Go

There’s a massive difference between ‘putting’ something behind us and ‘letting it go’. If we haven’t fully processed our emotions in relation to our experiences, then the more we try to ‘forget’ or ‘move on’ the more we find ourselves getting sucked back into past events. That’s because there’s a part of us locked into… Read More →

Bouncing Back To Health

Research shows that exercise is crucial to our mental health and wellbeing, as a result, we’re all looking for ways to stay fit and healthy. Due to the current social distancing restrictions, more and more people are seeking ways to exercise in the comfort of their homes. Rebounding is a fantastic way to get your… Read More →